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The Michelsen watchmaking company operate the oldest watch shop and workshop in Iceland where they offer comprehensive service for watches and jewellery. Their experience and expertise that has been passed on in the family for generations shines through in their excellent personal service. The hallmarks of the Michelsen company are quality craftsmanship, professionalism and ambition. The watchmakers of the company, Frank and Robert, are both Swiss trained watchmakers, graduates of the world renowned WOSTEP watchmaking school in Neuchatel, Switzerland, which is considered to be the leading watchmaking training center globally.

Michelsen Watchmakers do neither guarantee Rolex watches that are sold outside their own shop in Reykjavík Iceland, since the watch could be counterfeit, stolen or second-hand, unless a valid guarantee card can proof the authenticity of the Rolex in question nor do we guarantee service of Rolex watches performed elsewhere in Iceland since the parts used could be counterfeit, stolen or used. Michelsen Watchmakers is the only Authorized Rolex Service center in Iceland and the sole company to access original Rolex parts.

The Michelsen workshop is always willing to give advice and guidance via telephone, email or in the shop. A standard price list for repairs is used but in case of a major service or a restoration project, an estimation of cost before proceeding is made and is free of charge. Please note that all items for a repair must be left in the workshop.

The Michelsens' buy gold upon requests. Prices depend on weight and purity of the gold. Customers must provide a valid picture ID.